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Colon Cleanse and Smell Fresh

So, surprisingly to some, studies show that by improving your gut health you can improve your vaginal health. Vaginal odour is most often caused by unfriendly bacteria such as streptococci or Ecoli or the micro-organism called trichomonas. These grow in the vagina and these can originate on the skin around the anus and from the bowel. This condition is called Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

By doing some colon cleanses, drinking loads of apple cider vinegar and kombucha or taking Digestit (the natural colon cleanse tablet) your overall health will improve significantly, thus improving any fanny odour.

I also like to do colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy. These can be expensive, so for a regular flush out, I like to do coffee enemas.

I definitely prefer using organic products, so I’ve listed an Australian organic coffee brand especially ground for enemas. Using coffee helps eliminate toxic waste from the colon more effectively than water.

How to give yourself an enema:

  1. Prepare your enema kit together with the coffee solution. Whether your enema kit is brand new or already used, do not forget to clean it thoroughly. It is also advisable that the tube does not contain any air before you use it. Submerge it in water and allow the water to fill its length. Meanwhile, your coffee solution should not be just any coffee. It should be specifically prepared for an enema treatment.
  2. Prepare your chosen area. Whether you want to have the enema in your bathtub or just lying on the floor, make sure the area is comfortable and relaxing. You can place a mat or rag in the area to help manage waste and stains.
  3. Prepare yourself. After preparing the materials needed, you should also prepare yourself for the treatment. You can play some soothing background music to keep your muscles and mind relaxed.
  4. Lie down. Once all the preparations are done lie on your back or on your side and insert the tube of the enema kit inside your anus. You may use a non-petroleum lubricant so you can insert it easily. Remember not to go beyond four inches deep because you may tear some colonic walls. Then, you can now open the clamp and wait until the coffee enema solution flows into you.
  5. Take it in for a while. Once the enema bag has been emptied, it is advised that you keep the fluid inside your colon for about 12 minutes to get optimal results in your cleansing.
  6. Flush out the fluids. Now, you can flush out the fluids from your colon together with any toxins, chemical substances and even microbes. Afterwards, you will surely feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Aussie Health Co Coffee Enema

Aussie Health Co Enema Kit