Treat Naturally with Tea Tree Oil

I love Tea Tree Oil!! With a multitude of purposes, it’s definitely a wise investment! A great way to alleviate any yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis is with tea tree oil.

Here is a simple way to flush out the nasties and get rid of that fish odor:

A very useful and harmless treatment is to douche the vagina with a weak solution of tea tree oil. Mix the gel or oil with 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver and the appropriate amount of water and fill the douche balloon with the mixture. Lie in an empty bath and place the douche nozzle in the vagina and flush the solution into the vaginal cavity. This will flush out the excess mucus within the vagina in which the bacteria and candida live.

Tea tree oil is effective against bacteria and candida and other yeasts and will prevent them from growing and thus causing the odour. The tea tree oil has a cleansing fresh fragrance and if the solution is diluted accordingly, it will not be irritating. Some doctors are against douching as they believe it is not natural or physiological to use this practice. I think it is much safer than using strong antibiotics and anti-fungal tablets.

I like to use an Australian tea tree oil called First Botany. It is a very high quality and strong concentration, perfect for solving all those bacterial issues. Click here for more information.